I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Roscoehas a new furever home.
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Meet Roscoe! He's an approximately 2-year-old mixed breed boy looking for his forever family. Roscoe can be a bit of a couch potato as he likes to be near his human. He will lie quietly at your feet while you cook or wash dishes. If you're looking for a very devoted companion, Roscoe is your guy!

Roscoe is very friendly and sweet and LOVES people and other dogs. He cat tested okay in the shelter but hasn't been tested again since he's been with our organization. Roscoe is housebroken, crate trained, and even travels well in the car! He loves to sit quietly and look out the window at home (and will climb on furniture to do so). Roscoe also enjoys lying in the sun in the backyard and does so quietly and contentedly. He’s truly a sweet, sweet dog.

Roscoe still has a tiny bit of puppy in him and can be hardheaded at times. He will modestly dig in the yard if you do not provide him with other stimulation...but he's working on it! In his foster home, he's also working on the commands “off," “down” and “stay," but already knows “sit” and “come.” Roscoe will be starting professional training as soon as possible to perfect his manners, but so far we know that he does not mind wearing a collar or harness. Leash-walking TBD!

Other notes for his future forever family: He sheds, but likes to be brushed, and while he does not seem to enjoy getting wet, he does like to be dried off and will let you wipe his paws (not sure about baths yet). Roscoe sleeps through the night. He likes to sleep in his foster mom's bed but will also sleep in a dog bed. He will go in his crate for bedtime… but he's still working up to staying in his crate all night long. Roscoe sorta likes chew toys, but would prefer your attention. He barks very rarely and does not have a big bark when he does. He will howl along to sirens if he hears them when he is outside. He does ok with the vacuum and does not seem to mind louder noises. 

If you're interested in adopting Roscoe, please submit an application and we'll be in touch ASAP. His adoption fee has been FULLY SPONSORED ($0). Roscoe has completed his vet care and can go to his forever home soon!